Released a year and a half before Blondie’s “Rapture,” The Clash’s song was the world’s first example of rap-rock. What they said at the time: “Superior heavy rock. There’s a familiarity to it. Vivid was almost a diary for me. But its hypnotic nature often takes over your mind, pushing you towards the sonic wonderment and the song’s intriguing political message. But the image and attitude was everything. But with grunge rising, Bad English spoiled after only one more album, 1991’s underwhelming Backlash, before Waite eventually resumed his solo career and Journey reunited briefly with Steve Perry. That song became Let It Go. It just gets in the way of the vocal. After being pushed by producer Quincy Jones, MJ wrote “Beat It,” the third single from “Thriller,” even bringing in Eddie Van Halen to play guitar and deliver one of his most iconic solos. – “So. It’s the sound of him moving away from the Minneapolis sound of the late 1970s to achieve something grander - world domination. But the band couldn’t stretch their commercial success, and are nowadays neatly filed under the dreaded ‘one-hit wonder’ category. Meanwhile, frontman David Byrne effected the transition from exaggerated Mr Normal to a sort of unhinged preacher. You wait for a missing instrument or two to kick in. His solos in Looking For Love are mind-blowing. Living Colour hit the New York streets in a blur of hard-rocking guitar fuzz, sledgehammer funk and political sloganeering. Their jobs aren’t great and making ends meet is hard. And it all comes with instrumentation that is subtle, yet textured perfectly. “I knew what Ronnie could do,” Iommi said. Christine McVie has a look of sultry invitation as she puts her hand on Lindsey Buckingham’s shoulder. “Atlantic City” adds some grit to Bruce Springsteen’s storytelling skills. What they said at the time: “A classic debut album.” Zigzag. We couldn’t believe our eyes!”, Gun wanted everyone to know their origins. Mainstream America had never heard anything like it. For some, “Ashes to Ashes” is the peak of Bowie’s Eighties period, mostly because it harks back to his glory days. What Dio brought to Sabbath was a sense of grandeur and epic scale, and it was evident in the very first song they wrote together, Children Of The Sea. Rock n Roll America's Top 1,000 Classic Rock Songs (Our Base Song List) On the verge of dropping the ‘Cougar’ from his professional name, John Mellencamp secured his place in the American canon of blue-collar songwriters with The Lonesome Jubilee, a collection that reflects on death and disappointment and the passing of generations. Well, so do the 11 generic songs on this highly unoriginal LP.” Los Angeles Times. Written as U2 watched turmoil unfold in the Falklands and the Middle East, tracks like Seconds and the wiry Like A Song… were markedly harsher than the stadium-ready sweep of their later work. This is a damn good record.” The Village Voice! Based on his sister’s life, Bruce Springsteen’s “The River” is one of his most impressive lyrical compositions. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, But Clive Davis and Arista had learned something from the release of “How Will I Know”: Some girls just wanna dance. American hardcore was still in its infancy when Dead Kennedys issued their defining statement. R.E.M. “Erotic City” is noteworthy for three things: Being one of the greatest B-sides in music history, being the first song to feature Sheila E. and being just downright awesome. It’s some of the catchiest music Jackson created during the 1980s and comes with an industrial pop backbeat that’s tailor-made for the dance-floor and gravity-defying moves featured in the stunning video. The list on this page is for all #1 hit Rock & Roll singles for 1970 using proprietary methods. At that point, Jackson knew what we would all learn a short time later -- “Billie Jean” was an absolute monster. And Mutt was great for me. For a long time, “Bleach” was dismissed as the album Nirvana released before it became famous. From when he first begins speaking today at his home in Florida, the now 66-year-old guitarist can barely form a coherent sentence to encapsulate his thoughts on Aerosmith’s eighth studio album. The cherubic cover star of 1980’s Boy now had a split lip and thousand-yard stare, leading the listener into a world whose tone was set by the jackboot drum beat of Sunday Bloody Sunday. The worst thing that happened to Skyscraper, David Lee Roth’s second solo record, was that it followed 1986’s Eat ’Em & Smile, his first post-Van Halen album. The song was the first and only single released from The Cure’s sophomore album “Seventeen Seconds.” Its moody goth-rock became the first indication that The Cure was a different kind of band. But guitarist Peter Buck recalled that it was his band R.E.M. 100 Best Rock Love Songs of the 80s and 90s - The 80s and 90s were awe inspiring decades for romanticism and lyrics in various genres. Petty’s biggest hit is yet another collaboration with Jeff Lynne. War knocked Thriller off the UK No.1 spot and broke U2 in the States – yet it was mostly savaged by critics and put in the shade by the band’s 1987 album The Joshua Tree. But it’s Waits’ vocal performance and sense of longing that elevates the track to greatness. Mellencamp (then going by John Cougar) capped things off with “Pink Houses” off of 1983′s “Uh-huh.” All three songs were massive. The most identifiable songs on debut The Crossing – Harvest Home, Fields Of Fire (400 Miles), In A Big Country – sounded like rugged battle hymns, crackling with a rebellious kind of nobility. By Talking Heads’ quantum creative leaps between albums culminated in this, their fourth, the apotheosis of their assimilation of world music and African polyrhythms. The list on this page is for all #1 hit Rock & Roll … It’s impossible to talk about the legacy of “Bad” without “Live Aid,” when U2’s live version took hold of Wembley Stadium. It’s easy to forget how huge “Call Me” was. It’s kind of ridiculous that “Smooth Criminal” was a single. “Billie Jean” already cemented Michael Jackson as the biggest pop star in the world. Within three years and across three records – Permanent Waves to Moving Pictures and then Signals – Rush evolved and transformed. As Sunday Bloody Sunday demanded: how long must we sing these songs? What they said at the time: “A perfect example of forward-looking contemporary pop.” Rolling Stone. What will their fanbase think of this new direction? Every great band has an unsung classic. Brass In Pocket, that voice… It flew straight to No.1. Bruce Springsteen – “Born In the U.S.A.”. who quickly became the “touchstone”. What they said at the time: “Makes a strong argument for the view that advanced technology is not necessarily the same thing as progress.” Rolling Stone. Metallica has bigger songs. Talking Heads – “Burning Down the House”. were just the tip of an eclectic iceberg. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” is bombastic pop with Houston’s amazing voice calling you to the dance floor. The opening track from “Boy” is a post-punk tour de force for an act that was just gaining its footing.

100 greatest rock songs of the 1980s

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