Mellencamp, John  –  Jack & Diane  –  (American Fool)(Robert Frank) BIO. Duran Duran  –  Rio  –  (Rio)(John Taylor) Monks, The  –  Bad Habits  –  (Bad Habits)(Richard Hudson) Styx  –  Grand Finale  –  (Grand Illusion)(Chuck Panozzo) Adams, Bryan  –  This Time  –  (Cuts Like A Knife)(Dave Taylor) Heart  –  Heartless  –  (Magazine)(Steve Fossen) Numan, Gary  –  Metal  –  (The Pleasure Principle)(Paul Gardiner), O This is thebasscase's master list of transcriptions sorted by bass player, song, album, and year. Rush  –  Witch Hunt  –  (Moving Pictures)(Geddy Lee), S Idol, Billy  –  Eyes Without A Face  –  (Rebel Yell)(Sal Cuevas), J Bass Transcriptions Home >> Bass Transcriptions; I will be the first to admit that I'm no bass player. I’m trying to build this up into a big resource for the bass playing community in the next year or two, so if you’ve got any suggestions for transcriptions you’d like to see drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do! Click here for more information on why we need your help. Bass cover of an Afroperuvian song called: Camote Asado, genere: "festejo", if any one wants the pdf of the complete transcription, or take classes about afroperuvian rhytms (festejo, lando, zamacueca,… Styx  –  Grand Illusion  –  (Grand Illusion)(Chuck Panozzo) Tears For Fears  –  Bad Man’s Song  –  (Seeds Of Love)(Pino Palladino) The sheet music contained on the transcription page of was transcribed by Nick La Riviere from copyrighted music sources. The chiken-bass … Def Leppard  –  Pour Some Sugar On Me  –  (Hysteria)(Rick Savage) Pearson, Johnny  –  Monday Night Football Theme (1975)  –  (Greatest TV Sprts Themes) James Gang  –  Funk #48  –  (Yer’Album)(Tom Kriss) Transcriptions on are for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY and may not used for-profit in any way. Con Funk Shun  –  Ffun  –  (Secrets)(Cedric Martin) Def Leppard  –  Bringin’ On The Heartbreak  –  (High ‘n’ Dry)(Rick Savage) Rush  –  Something For Nothing  –  (2112)(Geddy Lee) Knight, Gladys  –  Licence To Kill  –  (Licence To Kill Soundtrack) Rush  –  Countdown  –  (Signals)(Geddy Lee) Duran Duran  –  View To A Kill  –  (View To A Kill Soundtrack)(John Taylor), E This song is off the band's A Farewell to Kings album of 1977. Earth Wind & Fire  –  On Your Face  –  (Spirit)(Verdine White) The end result transcription is the transcribers view of the original author’s work. Warrant  –  Down Boys  –  (Dirty Rotten Filthy Sticking Rich)(Jerry Dixon) John, Elton  –  Funeral For A Friend  –  (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)(Dee Murray) Sting  –  I Can’t Stop Thinking About You  –   (Sting)(57th & 9th) Bass Transcriptions. I’d also be happy to email you a transposition of any chart as needed for $5 USD. Conti, Bill  –  Going The Distance  –  (Rocky Soundtrack) BLOG. All Bass TAB/Transcriptions, eBooks, and Bundles are 20 to 33% OFF. Bon Jovi  –  Never Say Goodbye  –  (Slippery When Wet)(Alec John Such) Awesome transcription! Styx  –  Queen Of Spades  –  (Pieces Of Eight)(Chuck Panozzo) Bowie, David  –  Changes  –  (Hunky Dory)(Trevor Bolder) Mayfield, Curtis  –  Junkie Chase  –  (Superfly)(Joseph Lucky Scott) Adams, Bryan  –  Heaven  –  (Reckless)(Dave Taylor) Pink Floyd  –  The Thin Ice  –  (The Wall)(Roger Waters) Michael, George  –  I Want Your Sex (Part 2)  –  (Faith)(Deon Estus) Rafferty, Gerry  –  Baker Street  –  (City To City)(Gary Taylor) Thank you for considering a donation. A Collection of Bass Transcriptions. ELO  –  Showdown  –  (On The Third Day)(Mike de Albuquerque) Destiny’s Child  –  Say My Name  –  (The Writing’s On The Wall) Def Leppard  –  Love Bites  –  (Hysteria)(Rick Savage) Thank you. Bassey, Shirley  –  Goldfinger  –  (Best Of Bond 50th Ann.) Donations Thank you for considering a donation. Pink Floyd  –  One Of My Turns  –  (The Wall)(Roger Waters) If you have problems reading these files, click here to get the latest version of the free Adobe Reader. Jackson, Janet  –  That’s The Way Love Goes  –  (Janet) Styx  –  A.D. 1928/Rockin’ The Paradise  –  (Paradise Theatre)(Chuck Panozzo) Pink Floyd  –  Waiting For The Worms  –  (The Wall)(David Gilmour) John, Elton  –  Grey Seal  –  (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)(Dee Murray) Yes  –  Does It Really Happen (Solo)  –  (Drama)(Chris Squire) ), U2  –  Bad  –  (Unforgettable Fire)(Adam Clayton), U2  –  Unforgettable Fire  –  (Unforgettable Fire)(Adam Clayton), Valli, Frankie  –  Grease  –  (Grease Soundtrack), Van Halen  –  Right Now  –  (For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge)(Michael Anthony), Van Halen  –  Summer Nights  –  (5150)(Michael Anthony), Waite, John  –  Change  –  (Ignition)(Don Nossov), Walsh, Joe  –  Waffle Stomp  –  (Fast Times Soundtrack), Warrant  –  Down Boys  –  (Dirty Rotten Filthy Sticking Rich)(Jerry Dixon), Webber, Garth  –  Can’t Wait For You  –  (Get A Grip On The Blues), Whitesnake  –  Is This Love  –  (Whitesnake)(Neil Murray), Williams, Andy  –  Speak Softly Love  –  (Love Theme “The Godfather”)(Carol Kaye), Yes  –  Awaken  –  (Going For The One)(Chris Squire), Yes  –  Does It Really Happen  –  (Drama)(Chris Squire), Yes  –  Does It Really Happen (Solo)  –  (Drama)(Chris Squire), Yes  –  South Side Of The Sky  –  (Fragile)(Chris Squire), oung, Paul  –  Everytime You Go Away  –  (Secret Of Association)(Pino Palladino). Queen  –  Don’t Try So Hard  –  (Innuendo)(John Deacon) Kajagoogoo  –  Too Shy  –  (White Feathers)(Nick Beggs) Lee Nunn, Hall & Oates  –  Method Of Modern Love  –  (Big Bam Boom)(T-Bone Wolk) Crow, Sheryl  –  Tomorrow Never Dies  –  (Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack), D Jackson, Joe  –  Breaking Us In Two  –  (Night And Day)(Graham Maby) Styx  –  Crystal Ball  –  (Crystal Ball)(Chuck Panozzo) Rush  –  Hemispheres  –  (Hemispheres)(Geddy Lee) Def Leppard  –  Animal  –  (Hysteria)(Rick Savage) Benatar, Pat  –  Love Is A Battlefield  –  (Live From Earth)(Roger Capps) Rush  –  2112 (Part 2)  –  (2112)(Geddy Lee) Def Leppard  –  Billy’s Got A Gun  –  (Pyromania)(Rick Savage) Goldenberg, Billy  –  Theme From Kojak  –  (Kojak TV Show) Sheeran, Ed  –  Tenerife Sea  –  (X)(Jason Lader) bio/. Paul's Pal - Paul Chambers ELO  –  Telephone Line  –  (New World Record)(Kelly Groucutt) Gabriel, Peter  –  Big Time  –  (So) ELO  –  Mission(A World Record)  –  (A New World Record)(Kelly Groucutt) Petty, Tom  – Listen To Her Heart  –  (You’re Gonna Get It)(Ron Blair) Williams, Andy  –  Speak Softly Love  –  (Love Theme “The Godfather”)(Carol Kaye), Y Journey  –  La Raza Del Sol  –  (Escape (Remastered)(Ross Vallory) Songs with Boxshape Bass Patterns. That being said, I think learning/studying bass parts from great bass players is not only beneficial to budding bass players, but important for all musicians. Cars, The  –  My Best Friend’s Girl  –  (The Cars)(Benjamin Orr) ), U Poison  –  Ride The Wind  –  (Flesh & Blood)(Bobby Dall)

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