You include these holdover 70s bands that never charted, but not Heart? At most, 45. Ohne Werbung. Their songs are timeless and we hear them constantly on the radio, in every sporting event and as a major influence of musicians that followed. Guns N' Roses Rocked the world. Lyrics of their popular songs are mostly based on subtle dark themes mixed up with the tunes. The first 3 LP's almost sounded like they still had Gabriel singing, Phil was that good. Bono wrote lyrics that meant something and had a passion too them. Lists are crap, sure, but REM was certainly one of the most important bands from the eighties. Poison has made amazing songs, has millions of fans all over the world. Musik Sammlung von Torsten • Zuletzt aktualisiert: vor 5 Wochen. Even without a lot of years, they are still top 5 for me. Simply the greatest English band ever. I still watch the Journey videos till this day with Steve Perry. If so, I'm not sure what rock they were living under. Aerosmith is the greatest thing to ever come out of Boston. Die Wurzeln von Hardrock liegen im Beat und im Psychedelic Rock der 1960er sowie dem Blues. Nope. Rolling Thunder and their record in Rock In Rio, their live shows in 90s etc).The Smiths suck all the way... Disintegration is on same level as Joshua Tree...The Cure were opposite to U2...U2, Depche Mode, The Cure, A-Ha are best and most influential bands from 80s, Duranduran, Cure, Modern English, New Order, OMD, Echo and the bunnymen, Smiths, Church, Men at work, Genesis (Phil Collins, Police, Tears for Fears, Ultravox, dead or Alive, Human League. The new Journey is HORRIBLE. They were the kings of "alternative" or "new wave" music during the 80's and into the 90's. When I think of the sounds of the 80s TFF comes first to my mind. I lived it and the cure ruled. store, Legacy However, they were a ten times greater band in their prime than Duran Duran. Just listen to "Run to the Hills" "The Trooper" or "Number of the Beast" and you will find my words do not do it justice. They went forward with the decision to have a concert there. They are all an inspiration for those who want to be in a band or create a band. Just look at where they played and the venues they sold out many for multiple shows. Their respect for fans is unparalleled and their worldwide efforts unmatched. <3 TFF always. The reason :Freddie Mercury was a genius, he wrote the most popular song of all time "We are the champions" and other masterpieces like "don't stop me now" and "millionaire Waltz" but he had the most powerful, touching, profound sweet voice of all time. Leur clip de Roboter in der Nacht/Für Mutti n'atteint néanmoins les États-Unis qu'en 1982 [25]. The guitarists (Adrian Smith and Dave Murray) are also high quality and properly complement Dickinson's vocals to make a heavy, yet pure and complete sound. I have to put them at number 3 behind U2 and Duran Duran! They also had some of the greatest live performances of all time in this decade. Let's not forget about Abacab, my favorite song. In the mid-80s, this lot broke out of Holland and were recognised as one of the best hard rock bands around. Und wenn man es tut, dann kann das … Till this day they play Journey ( Steve Perry ) music on counless radio stations all over the world! Prince – Sign 'O' the Times ; Pixies – Surfer Rosa ; Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back ; The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead ; Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden ; Tom Waits – Rain Dogs He has another 2, including Blaze Of Glory. Top 10 Weirdest Things About the Holiday Season, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. You could say that's more. As time changed so did the band and now they are in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They kicked ASS and maintained their debauchery with booze, drugs, women and have the tattoos to prove it! I still remember when I heard their Paradise City, my senses were out of order specially the ending of this particular song. They have maybe three songs that are frequently played on the radio: Girls On Film, Hungry Like The Wolf and Rio. Hits Der 80er Jahre Vol. They were the more complex, intelligent and accomplished British import who don't really fit neatly into categories like New Wave, Synth etc. and surprisingly, my parents don't remember the songs I bring up, like my guitar lies bleeding in my arms. Depeche Mode is the greatest 80s/90s band of all time with their 48 singles and brilliant minds. 1. He had to emerge from the Police as a solo artist because of this incredible talent... All of their albums were great, but Ghosts and Synchronicity were two of finest records EVER released! Queen wasn't just a band, they were true performers and true perfection... You can hear that perfection in every song. In ihrer Heimat Down Under war die Band um Sänger und Mastermind Iva Davies dagegen schon mit dem 1980er Debüt-Album und dann durchgehend die kompletten 80er überaus erfolgreich. Motley Crue is absolutely the best back in the 80's. Beat-Abend 2006; 2010 - SHAMROCKS; 2011 - FORTUNES; 2012 - TREMELOES; 2013 - DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH No class at all, They have my vote. Laden Sie jetzt unsere mobile App. He would but outfits on that were part of the story the song was about. A new one is due to drop soon. One thing which impressed me is their heart touching lyrics. They may not be as much up there as like Motley Crue but I think with all of there great songs and how quite a bit made it on the charts they should have a higher rating then this and I am not saying it because they are my favorite band I mean it. How are these guys not even Mentioned? One Hit wonder bands shouldn't be on the list because they don't have the long standing history of bands like Van Halen. Give me just one band from the 80's so true to their fans with sooo much to offer. Robert Smith has more genius in his crows nest bonnet than any of his so-called contemporaries. Andy Summers-great guitar playerStewart Copeland-great drummerSting-great songwriterBut together, what they come with was from another planet.Combining Reggae with Pink Rock with these melodic hooks, and it was like nothing else out there. Charting dozens of songs in the 1980-1990s they deserve a higher spot on this list. Aerosmith Aerosmith is an American rock band, sometimes referred to as "the Bad Boys from Boston" and "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band". Weitere Ideen zu 80er jahre, 80er jahre mode, stil der 80er. I have heard every REM album, from chronic town to Collapse Into now, almost every song, from Wolves, Lower, to Oh My Heart. From the 70's through the 90's, Metallica was the only band that lived up to the hype. It's kareoke wana be what they were when Steve perry was lead vocalist! I see no good reason why Iron Maiden is not in the top ten. One of the best front men of all time then and always. Hits der 80er Cornelia Ich; 129 videos; 1,247,559 views ; Last updated on Jul 6, 2016; Play all Share. KISS? They are catchy as hell and progressive when they want. Hardware, Music And AC/DC at 7th? Beat It Michael Jackson, 1982 ... 16 af de bedste julesange, der sikrer julestemningen Underholdning. I think they should be on top. Genesis's music sounds so futuristic, and funky it really true. Angus and Malcom came far in their careers. Unreal. I have an absolute favorite, that's Bohemian Rhapsody, but there are so many fantastic songs it makes it very difficult to find just one favorite. This is one of the main influences for bands like Nirvana and My Bloody Valentine. Invisible Touch, That's All, Counting Out Time are amazing and sound so good, I could listen to them for hours. Metallica of the 80's was a great band. Number one. Aerosmith should be at LEAST the top 10! Most of their songs are gold, and people just don't get that. This list is like a chick flick fest. 14.03.2019 - Erkunde The world´s a stages Pinnwand „Inspiration: 80er Jahre“ auf Pinterest. His music is absolutely beautiful, his lyrics are encompassing of the American worker. Guns n roses were good too. I don't think that they are underrated but they are better than a lot of other bands on the website, up there with Duran Duran, Journey, Queen, AC/DC, Metallica, Bon Jovi, and others. The debut album has 2 hits, 7800 Fahrenheit has 2 hits, slippery when wet has 4, New Jersey has 6. No one capsulated New Wave and Alternative like they did. Anyway, great band, great songs. They are really sweet people. They had some of the best musicians that have ever graced this earth. The only ones close to this are queen and iron maiden.

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