The central location in the Øresund Region allows the ports to act as a hub for freight that is transported onward to the Baltic countries. [70] Exceptional weather conditions can bring as much as 50 cm of snow to Copenhagen in a 24-hour period during the winter months[71] while summer temperatures have been known to rise to heights of 33 °C (91 °F). This air travel distance is equal to 1 miles. Copenhague se encuentra a mitad de camino entre las dos ciudades, lo que aumentó el tráfico y comercio por el asentamiento. Además de las nuevas ampliaciones en cuanto a superficie ocupada, Cristián IV encargó la construcción de nuevos grandes edificios a arquitectos alemanes y holandeses para mejorar así el prestigio de la ciudad. Hasta el día de hoy, aquellos edificios de nueva creación han marcado el paisaje urbano de Copenhague. [69], June is the sunniest month of the year with an average of about eight hours of sunshine a day. Special attention is given both to climate issues and efforts to ensure maximum application of low-energy standards. [155] The canal runs from the harbour front to the spacious square of Kongens Nytorv which was laid out by Christian V in 1670. Estos suburbios son en su mayoría de clase media suburbana. [243] The IT University is Denmark's youngest university, a mono-faculty institution focusing on technical, societal and business aspects of information technology. [19], With the establishment of the Kalmar Union (1397–1523) between Denmark, Norway and Sweden, by about 1416 Copenhagen had emerged as the capital of Denmark when Eric of Pomerania moved his seat to Copenhagen Castle. Excavations in Pilestræde have also led to the discovery of a well from the late 12th century. [24] The city was also struck by two major fires that destroyed much of its infrastructure. Among its rides are the oldest still operating rollercoaster Rutschebanen from 1915 and the oldest ferris wheel still in use, opened in 1943. Founded in 1748 along with the theatre, it is one of the oldest ballet troupes in Europe, and is noted for its Bournonville style of ballet. As of 1 January 2020, the city had a population of 794,128 with 632,340 in Copenhagen Municipality, 104,305 in Frederiksberg Municipality, 42,989 in Tårnby Municipality, and 14,494 in Dragør Municipality. [188], Louisiana is a Museum of Modern Art situated on the coast just north of Copenhagen. More The Capital Region of Denmark. A rare example of Expressionist church architecture, its striking west façade is reminiscent of a church organ. [265] The new line connects all inner boroughs of the city by metro, including the Central Station, and opens up 17 new stations[266] for Copenhageners. Formed in 1992, it is a merger of two older Copenhagen clubs, B 1903 (from the inner suburb Gentofte) and KB (from Frederiksberg). Copenhagen in the region of Capital Region with it's 1,153,615 inhabitants is a town in Denmark and is the capital of this country. Al mismo tiempo, el rey danés trató de tener el control de Copenhague en detrimento del obispo. Accordingly, air vice-marshal Sir Basil Embry drew up plans for a spectacular precision attack on the Sicherheitsdienst and Gestapo building, the former offices of the Shell Oil Company. [74] Metropolitan Copenhagen has a total of 2,016,285 inhabitants (as of 2016[update]). [22] Christian IV also sponsored an array of ambitious building projects including Rosenborg Slot and the Rundetårn. Rugby league is now played in Copenhagen, with the national team playing out of Gentofte Stadion. ​​1 Mental health centre for child and adolescent mental health services La mayor concentración de cafeterías se encuentra en los distritos de Indre By, Østerbro y Vesterbro. [36] The devastation was so great because Copenhagen relied on an old defence-line whose limited range could not reach the British ships and their longer-range artillery. Apart from slightly higher rainfall from July to September, precipitation is moderate. The National Museum, Nationalmuseet, is Denmark's largest museum of archaeology and cultural history, comprising the histories of Danish and foreign cultures alike. Known as the Øresund Region, it has 3.8 million inhabitants (of whom 2.5 million live in the Danish part of the region). Some 750,000 passengers make use of public transport facilities every day. En el momento de su fundación, poco después del año 1000, fue bautizada con el sencillo nombre de havn, que en danés significa 'puerto' o 'muelle', que dio lugar a la forma latina Hafnia, de la cual deriva el nombre del elemento hafnio. En esta zona viven aproximadamente 294.000 habitantes. By the 1880s, the districts of Nørrebro and Vesterbro developed to accommodate those who came from the provinces to participate in the city's industrialization. In implementing its Finger Plan, Copenhagen is considered the world's first example of a transit metropolis,[50] and areas around S-Train stations like Ballerup and Brøndby Strand are among the earliest examples of transit-oriented development. No less than 47% of the medieval section of the city was completely lost. Tiene hermosas flores silvestres y es calificado como moderado. Copenhagen is recognised globally as an exemplar of best practice urban planning. Desde el verano de 2000, las ciudades de Copenhague y Malmö en Suecia están conectadas mediante un puente de peaje, el puente de Oresund, que permite cruzar de lado a lado tanto al transporte de pasajeros por ferrocarril, como por carretera. In city planning, streets and squares are to be designed to encourage cycling and walking rather than driving. Many major Danish companies like Novo Nordisk and Lundbeck, both of which are among the 50 largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world, are located in this business cluster. Copenhagen's Swedish name is Köpenhamn, a direct translation of the mutually intelligible Danish name. 1", Copenhagen's ambitious push to be carbon-neutral by 2025, "Copenhagen City of Architecture: The architecture policy of the City of Copenhagen", "The Finger Plan: A Strategy for the Development of the Greater Copenhagen Area", "Denmark's first mosque opens amid controversy", "Prestigious titles and rankings to Copenhagen", "Copenhagen is high quality of life, but at a price", "Workplaces in Copenhagen by industry and residence of the employed, 1 January 2010", "Udvalgte indikatorer for Københavns erhvervsmæssige præstationer og rammevilkår", "Regional GDP per capita in the EU in 2010", "Turning Denmark into a leader in Smart Cities", "Copenhagen Malmö Port Annual Report 2012", "World's most expensive cities – Ranking", "Reasons to invest in Greater Copenhagen", "Pressemeddelelse: Københavns virksomheder efterlyser bedre erhvervsklima", "Copenhagen City Break Strategy 2012–2014", "Lonely Planet's top 10 cities to visit in 2019", "A Brief History of Urban Planning in Copenhagen", "Elephant House: Norman Foster & Partners", "København: Lommeparker – Grønne Åndehuller i Byen", "5 Days in Copenhagen Itinerary & What To Do", "In the Footprints of Carlsberg's founders", "Kastellet ved Langelinie – Københavns smukke fæstningsanlæg",,, "Copenhagen is Scandinavia's most desirable city", "Nationalmuseet: National Museum of Denmark", "Cisternerne -Museum of Modern Glass Art", "Scandinavian Book Trade, Publishers, etc", "Martinus Rørbye (1803–48), The Prison of Copenhagen, 1831", "Christen Købke's View of a Street in Østerbro outside Copenhagen. [101][102][103] While there are no official statistics, a significant portion of the estimated 175,000–200,000 Muslims in the country live in the Copenhagen urban area, with the highest concentration in Nørrebro and the Vestegnen. Available Information : Postal address, Phone, #DE_EDIFICE# fax number, Email address, Website, Mayor, Geographical coordinates, Number of inhabitants, Area, Altitude, Weather and Hotel. Although it is one of the world's most expensive cities, it is also one of the most liveable with its public transport, facilities for cyclists and its environmental policies. [125] Hotel capacity in the city is growing significantly. KABELPARK®, Hvide Sande; Anholt Marina; Southern Denmark. [161][162], Vesterbro, to the southwest of Indre By, begins with the Tivoli Gardens, the city's top tourist attraction with its fairground atmosphere, its Pantomime Theatre, its Concert Hall and its many rides and restaurants. Fundación del Español Urgente (23 de septiembre de 2013). The city plans that 20–30% of cars will run on electricity or biofuel by 2025. The natural harbour and good herring stocks seem to have attracted fishermen and merchants to the area on a seasonal basis from the 11th century and more permanently in the 13th century. A beneficial researcher scheme with low taxation of foreign specialists has made Denmark an attractive location for foreign labour. It is possible to find modest eateries serving open sandwiches, known as smørrebrød – a traditional, Danish lunch dish; however, most restaurants serve international dishes. [251][254], Copenhagen Marathon, Copenhagen's annual marathon event, was established in 1980. The largest church, Vor frue kirke, was destroyed by the sea artillery. Michael Frayn's 1998 play Copenhagen about the meeting between the physicists Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in 1941 is also set in the city.

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