They are all to keep behind Him, He thinks, be they saints or sages, kings or beggars; and the liker they are to Himself, He thinks, the nearer they will be to perfectness and life. In the early Church candidates for baptism first turned to the West and renounced Satan and his works and then to the East, ‘the place of light,’ and professed allegiance to Christ (the Light of the world and the Sun of righteousness) and a belief in the Trinity (Dionys. vii. Johannes Brahms, German composer and pianist of the Romantic period, who wrote symphonies, concerti, chamber music, piano works, choral compositions, and more than 200 songs. Jud. Shall we not, then, see a deep meaning and reference to that awful blank, when Jesus standing there in the courts of that Temple, whose inmost shrine was, in a most sad sense, empty, pointed to the quenched lamps that commemorated a departed Shechinah, and said, ‘I am the Light of the world’? In the measure in which we do, the great promises of this wonderful saying will be verified and understood by us-’He that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness.’ That saying has, as one may say, a lower and a higher fulfilment. II. . John 8:2-11 - "JESUS' WORK OF FORGIVENESS" Reading Sermon by Prof. H. Hanko. 12 Nun redete Jesus wieder zu ihnen und sprach: Ich bin das Licht der Welt. We ought also to be powerfully affected by so large and magnificent a promise, that they who shall direct their eyes to Christ are certain that, even in the midst of darkness, they will be preserved from going astray; and that not only for a short period, but until they have finished their course. [Note: Edersheim, 2:164.]. Jesus the Light of the World John 8:12–24 Read John 8:12-20 in ESV. With some we are vapour ‘lights,’ that lure with dangerous lustre, on and on, to ways of emptiness, to despair, to darkness, and to destruction! Standard Publishing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. https: 50. VII. Thus protected is the follower of Christ: he has spiritual senses, which, being of quick perception to discern good and evil, give early notice of the things which might prove fatal to the soul. https: Now may he follow Him; and so, when the darkness is thickest around him and within, not walk in it, but see the Light of Life. Around these the people danced with great rejoicing. But the figure, corresponding as it essentially does with the thing signified, had been given long before, and was quite a familiar one in the prophetic view of the idea of the Messiah (Isaiah 9:1; Isaiah 42:6; Malachi 4:2). John 8:12. I. Jesus had often spoken this word before. Jesus here made the second of His "I am" claims (cf. words there is R. Abba Serongianus. Since the teaching of the last chapter, there had been an interval of, it may be, several hours. Luke 2:32 and the passages in the margin. It must also be observed, that the power and office of illuminating is not confined to the personal presence of Christ; for though he is far removed from us with respect to his body, yet he daily sheds his light upon us, by the doctrine of the Gospel, and by the secret power of his Spirit. allude,—and the walking in darkness is an allusion to the woman, whose deed of darkness had been detected in the night. BibliographyNicol, W. Robertson, M.A., L.L.D. "The Adam Clarke Commentary". Copyright StatementThese files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website.Original work done by Ernie Stefanik. 1999. Though He be the Light of the world, it is only the man who follows Him to whom He can give the light of life. The first thing to notice is-the intention of the ceremonial to which our Lord here points as a symbol of Himself. According to the Talmud, on every night of the feast the Court of the Women was brilliantly illuminated, and the night, according to Wetstein and others, was spent in dancing and festivity. Both the prominence given to His own personality, and the tremendous claims He advances for Himself, are hard to reconcile with any conception of His nature and work except one,-that there we see God manifest in the flesh. Note: As the sun is the source of all light, power, and energy on earth, Jesus the Sun of righteousness is the source of all spiritual light, power, and energy. See Buxtorf. https: That these distinct persons did bear joint witness concerning Christ. Bava Bathra, fol. Alexander MacLaren's Expositions of Holy Scripture. Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness. In short, we can be in no situation whatever, wherein his example will not serve as a light to our feet and a lantern to our paths: if it do not shew us the precise act we are to perform, it will shew us infallibly the spirit we are to exercise. 1871-8. He withdraws you however from the eyes of the flesh, to those of the heart, in that He adds, He that follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. In the absence of the lights Jesus" claim to the Light would stand out the more impressively. Upon οὐ μή, with the more definitely assuring future, see on Matthew 26:35; Mark 14:31. ἕξει τὸ φῶς τ. ζωῆς] As the antithesis of the divine ἀλήθεια, the σκοτία, is the causative element of death, so is the light the cause of life, i.e. We have the same passage in Bereshith Rabba; saving that the author of these Ver. The water of life and the bread of life figures represent what satisfies and sustains life. "Commentary on John 8:12". He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness.—Strong and full of hope as these words are in the English rendering, the Greek is more emphatic still. ‘Ye are the light of the world’ Matthew 5:14. If, then, we suppose this allusion to be fairly probable, I think it gives a special direction and meaning to these grand words, which it may be worth while to think of briefly. 2. : and likewise he may have regard to those pompous titles and characters, which the Jewish doctors assumed arrogantly to themselves, and oppose himself to them; for they not only called Moses their master, אור העולם, "the light of the world"F23Tzeror Hammor, fol. This section has no necessary connection with John 7:62, but refers to a subsequent occasion in "the Treasury" (John 8:20). W. McGarvey and Philip Y. Pendleton. Wie My volg, sal nooit in die duisternis … "R. Biba Sangorius saith, Light is the John 8:15.—Homiletic Magazine, vol. But His glory would also be revealed though His own life and teaching, so that John could say ‘we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth’ (John 1:14). BibliographyCoke, Thomas. According to tradition, Light was one of the names of the Messiah. Others would speak of the Scriptures as ‘a light’ (Psalms 119:105) to lead men into faith and truth, but He speaks of Himself asthelight. Light is another of John's characteristic terms and ideas, playing a most important part in his writings, as related to the manifestation of Jesus and His work upon men. BibliographyScofield, C. I. "The 1599 Geneva Study Bible". They continue to walk in darkness. And the same is plainly expressed in the specific original passages of the Old Testament. It brought health and vigour wherever it encountered sickness and decay. a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of his people Israel. John 1:4, and especially the passage there adduced, Isaiah 49:6, where it is said, in reference to Christ, "I will also give Thee for a light to the Gentiles, that Thou mayest be My salvation unto the ends of the earth." This language fits in better with John 7:52 than with John 8:11. https: I am the light of the world; which he might say, on occasion of the rising sun, which was now up, and might shine brightly in their faces; see John 8:2; which is , "the light of the world", as Aben Ezra in Psalm 19:8 rightly calls it: thus on occasion of the water in Jacob's well, he discoursed of living water; and upon the Jews at Capernaum mentioning the manna, he treated at large concerning himself as the bread of life: and he might also make use of this character, and apply it to himself, with a view to some passages in the Old Testament, which speak of him under the metaphor of the sun, as Psalm 84:11, and represent him as the light; and the Jews (t) themselves say, that light is one of the names of the Messiah; and God himself is called by them, the light of the world (u): and likewise he may have regard to those pompous titles and characters, which the Jewish doctors assumed arrogantly to themselves, and oppose himself to them; for they not only called Moses their master, , "the light of the world" (w), and also the law of Moses (x), but their Rabbins and doctors; See Gill on Matthew 5:14. The announcement made by Jesus was, ἐγώ εἰμι τὸ φῶς τοῦ κόσμου.

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