Harry and Snape are turned into 7-year-olds and learn to like each other. A climactic duel with a dark and dangerous wizard. Photo of Severus Snape - The Half-Blood Prince for fans of Severus Snape 6958678. … Severus Snape is descended from the Noble House of Prince on his mother's side, as his mother was Eileen Prince. 1. james potter 2. lily evans 3. sirius black 4. remus lupin 5. peter pettigrew 6. severus snape 7. bellatrix lestrange 8. narcissa black Harry’s friends, the Marauders and even Severus Snape all wound up at the Shrieking Shack where the truth finally emerged. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. I don’t care if James only saved Snape so that Remus wouldn’t get in trouble. Three friends. Sometimes you lose a battle. Based on the stories and events of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. This is far worse than both fantastic beasts films and order of the phoenix. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Severus Snape - How is Severus Snape abbreviated? Brave enough to risk his future and life by becoming an animagus for Remus. Three different destinies intertwined. Because their courage overcame anything else. We, the fans of Severus Snape are excited about this prequel movie. Official Website for the Harry Potter Fan Film, The Black Boar, Los Angeles, California, USA, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s, Peter Pettigrew Posted to Harry Potter on November 9, 2020 Face-Off: Lord Voldemort vs. Gellert Grindelwald. This is Unofficial Page. Continued in Growing Pains, but this one gets a bit too hurt/comfort for my tastes. Use the HTML below. Knowing the role Snape might play in the war, James decides to confront Severus once and for all. I really like Clara! Three very different personalities. When two tiles with the same image of Severus Snape And The Marauders touch, they get promoted! Remus Lupin, a boy burdened with a terrible secret. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter nicknamed themselves 'The Marauders. Dragon Con 2013 Parade - Snape (9677763311).jpg 2,594 × 3,456; 1.95 MB With Mick Morgana Ignis, Garrett Schweighauser, Kevin Allen, Paul Stanko. This is a motorbike road-trip full of angst and pain and grief; a strange journey where two men finally come to an understanding of sorts after a … (First Class), O.M. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Harryri izugarrizko gorrotoa dio, eta beti dabil zigortu nahian. We, the fans of Severus Snape are excited about this prequel movie. Sirius, glaring: Yeah could be. ... Wardwright, war hero, recluse, and part time matchmaker. James Potter, a smiling ball of sunshine. The Marauders were all members of Gryffindor House and greatly despised their Slytherin enemy, Severus Snape.It was discovered in Harry Potter's fifth year at Hogwarts that James and Sirius often bullied Snape (calling him 'Snivellus' and using humiliating spells on him), while Peter cheered them on. Title: This is the moment that changed the fate of Albus, Aberforth, and Ariana Dumbledore forever. The whomping willow prank is terrible and Sirius deserved to be punished. View production, box office, & company info. Muneezah Rizvi started this petition to Netflix and 2 others. Kevin Allen as Sirius Black. The Elder Wand is broken away by Harry Potter. Keeping the young Slytherin as his pet due to the life debt, he will use the 2 surviving Marauders as his new spies on the Dark side. 7 years of bravery, honor, friendship, love, virtue, and compassion. Forget Larry or Fifty Shades; this takes fan fiction to a whole new level. The year before he lost lily the only person who was his only friend. 49 years ago today, began a timeless friendship. Then this year he nearly died due to lupin being a werewolf and him foolishly following Blacks advice to follow him and find out for himself. He was quiet, smart, and wise. Severus Snape and The Marauders. Sounds like someone I wouldn’t want to fuck with. Knowing what side Severus Snape will fight in the war, James Potter and The Marauders confront Snape for the final time. The wand repairs itself. 2.7K likes. Either way, it's too nice for that friend who always crashes at your place. Written by Knowing what side Severus Snape will fight in the war, James Potter and The Marauders confront Snape for the final time. James’s presence was also felt in the form of his son’s Patronus. While Sirius and Lupin led Harry to think James was 15 at the time of O.W.L. Post-War AU: Severus Snape and Sirius Black both survived the war. Harry Potter Marauders Remus Sirius James Peter ... Lily Severus Remus Lupin Sirius Black James Potter Peter Pettigrew Lily Evans Snape Severus Snape Just starting out in her first year of Hogwarts and she's already got a few problems of her own. The Marauders : Here’s your nose snape. Severus Snape and the Marauders. This list is based on Harry Potter canon, and on information taken from the HP Lexicon . This petition had 587 supporters. A Gryffindor, a Slytherin, and a Ravenclaw. James’s presence was also felt in the form of his son’s Patronus. Based on a short story by J.K. Rowling, three wizards must face the consequences of cheating Death. No one was killed or hurt in Sirius’ prank. A fan made prequel to the Harry Potter series based on Tom Riddle and his progression to becoming The Dark Lord. From the ... See full summary », The year is 1979. In Dumbledore’s words the following day, ‘Prongs rode again last night.’ Severus Snape (13) James Potter (13) Sirius Black (12) Remus Lupin (12) Lily Evans Potter (5) Evan Rosier (3) Poppy Pomfrey (3) Albus Dumbledore (2) Harry Potter (2) Lucius Malfoy (2) Include Relationships Marauders/Severus Snape (15) Remus Lupin/Severus Snape (10) James Potter/Severus Snape (10) Sirius Black/Severus Snape … If any of this… Severus Snape and The Marauders. He is an exceptionally skilled wizard whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish. ‘Severus Snape and the Marauders’ is the short film you’ve been waiting for Harry Potter All Harry Potter fans have been hoping that J.K. Rowling will write a story about the Marauders. Merke dir den Film jetzt vor und wir … Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Severus Snape in his 2 to last year at Hogwarts, it’s his worst year yet. Random student: Did you hear that there’s a werewolf at Hogwarts? Lily Evans, a girl who wasn’t from this world but belonged here all the same. Harry’s friends, the Marauders and even Severus Snape all wound up at the Shrieking Shack where the truth finally emerged. Knowing what side Severus Snape will fight in the war, James Potter and The Marauders confront … Snake is telling the truth, Cissy." 2.7K likes. It’s Messrs Moony, Evans, Padfoot, and Prongs. It looks amazing, and the producers of the film have now released … While Snape was the victim in the early days, the Marauders were the ones who went on to join the Order of the Phoenix. ⭐ Kostenlos sehen Severus Snape and the Marauders (2016) stream deutsch StreamKiste Live , Severus Snape and the Marauders (2016) kinokiste, Severus Snape and the Marauders (2016) stream deutsch kkiste, Severus Snape and the Marauders (2016) ganzer film deutsch HD streamkiste online anschauen. Companions still serving the Dark Lord pursue the staff to bring Voldemort back. Virgin and/or constantly horny/wanking Snape a plus. But why did Sirius and Remus end up in Gryffindor? The story is spiky, not quiet, and chock full of misunderstandings, meddling, and so on. To Protect by 1.5M54.4K 100. He was let off with no consequences to his actions. In PA, Snape reminded Dumbledore that Sirius tried to kill him "at the age of sixteen" . Sirius’ prank came nowhere close to Snape telling Voldemort about the prophecy. (Second Class), (b. A friendship that deserved more time but didn’t. Play 2048 Severus Snape and The Marauders online with sound effects and UNDO feature. He became quite skilled in Potions through his schooling, alongside Lily. You always call Severus Snivellus remember?" Four friends celebrate at a bar graduating Hogwarts and contemplate their future, when an old rival arrives. Severus Snape and The Marauders. He was brash, brave, and loud. The year is 1977, and You-Know-Who's forces are growing stronger. Early Life Edit. James Potter and his friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew celebrate graduating Hogwarts.

severus snape and the marauders deutsch

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