Liebe Patientinnen und Patienten, liebe Besucherinnen und Besucher, aufgrund der steigenden Coronainfektionen in Leipzig, gilt ab 04. I am so proud of Katie and Jennifer for sharing their stories, advocating, and spreading further awareness with WENY. She also told me about a local Lyme foundation that is helping patients like myself get a chance at a new life by offering financial assistance for this treatment. The aim here is to maintain the therapeutic outcomes, minimize the side effects of conventional therapy and increase quality of life as much as possible. The grand room was shining with all the crystals reflecting from the light and the fountains look to be beautiful when fully functioning in the Summertime. There is a recovery protocol that begins next and it’s imperative that I continue detoxing when I arrive home to be sure that my recovery is successful. The Deutsches Schauspielhaus (theatre), founded in 1901, is located in St. Georg. And my voice becomes the driving force Today is also my last day of IV antibiotics. Life is so fragile and sometimes it’s just not fair. I could not and still cannot get over how breathtaking the massive mountains are. The people here are extremely nice and the town of Bad Aibling is stunning. The rest of the day we checked out a little bit of the town, then had dinner in the dining room, and went to bed pretty early. Also looking forward to coming home in 6 days. Mit einer Kapazität von 707 Betten werden in den spezialisierten Fachabteilungen pro Jahr etwa 28.804 medizinische Fälle behandelt und therapiert. You have to be comfortable in a new environment, especially when you are out of your element and embarking upon such a major healing journey. I’m grateful that she can be here to see how the Klinik operates and to be here for more support for me. at the St. George Hospital, a specialist hospital for internal medicine with a … St.GEORG: Dressur, Springen, Vielseitigkeit - aktuelle News rund um Pferdesport und -zucht mit Turnierblogs und mehr von Deutschlands Traditionsmagazin. I was moved to tears. I’m so grateful to be here and to have this opportunity.  Today Mom and I went to Prien am Chiemsee and visited Herrenchiemsee Royal Palace; it was an amazing experience. Photos just do not do them justice! We walked almost 4 miles today throughout the healing gardens and soaked in the sun and healing vibes. I felt extremely humbled and truly blessed to finally been given this opportunity at a new life. Klinikum St. Georg, Leipzig.  Today is the first time since arriving at the Klinik where I can truly say I feel like the Old Tommy. Due to my young age and overall health I would be a perfect candidate for this treatment and would likely have great success. The tears flowed naturally, and I was once again thoroughly inspired. One Quick Video of Me Speaking & Another Quick Video of Me Speaking. It will be essential for me to follow the recovery and detoxing protocol after leaving KSG as well allowing time for my body heal. I know I’ve said it before but I’m sure this is the answer for Me and could certainly be the answer for many who are suffering, whether it be Lyme or Cancer! My wife and I recently went to Bad Abling, Germany for their treatment including full body hyperthermia. The mountains, the views never get old. All the regular detoxing continues. Asklepios Klinik St. Georg in der Lohmühlenstr. We said our final goodbyes all around the building and got a ride back to Munich airport. Thank goodness my mom was with me at this appointment. Through therapy and a lot of mind preparation I was finally able to gather the strength to ask others for help. We all connect in ways that I would never imagine I could connect with another person. There are some seriously amazing people at the Klinik and these bonds will be forever! Klinik St Georg - Bad Aibling Their focus lies on integrative treatment methods for all types of cancer. Read more… So far, Mom and I have met some seriously incredible people!

st georg krankenhaus

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