LŪDZU ŅEM VĒRĀ: Ja Tava lēciena laikā jau ir ārā ir satumsis, tad video filmēšana nebūs iespējama, pat, ja esi to iepriekš iegādājies šeit vai iepriekš. The rafting is a whole day event and the bungee jumping is about a two hour event on a separate day. !!! Today, you can bungee jump almost anywhere, from Kathmandu to Costa Rica, Chile to Colorado. On the day we were supposed to bungee jump it was cold and raining, and I was skeptical about jumping in such weather conditions but the organizers (Outdoor Interlaken) were confident that it is perfectly safe. Swing jump: giant swing with the experience of the free fall and weightlessness. You can bungee jump into the mouth of a volcano or into a foaming sea. If you have booked a jump, please arrive at least 15 – 20 minutes before the booked jumping time – on site you must sign an agreement, listen to instructions and put on safety systems. This is a special offer in a honour of Latvia’s Centenary. Add to Likebox #92908496 - A man jumps into a canyon from a cliff. 496 reviews. Details. Our technologies and inventory are developed strictly observing the standards of mountain climbing and dangerous equipment with a safety reserve of 7-20 times. The jump itself was a blast even in the rain! Gift voucher is valid for 100 years - the period of use is not limited, Jāņa Poruka Street 14, Sigulda, Latvia, LV-2150. By the way, jumping from the Verzasca Dam is considered one of the best stunts ever! Bungee jumping isn't readily available in Alberta, Canada, though one extreme sports facility is set to start offering the experience in the near future. You can buy a gift card in our website, after the payment, receiving the gift card electronically in the provided e-mail. Similar Images . The Bungee Jumping is available from spring till autumn. Both of you – parent and You must take with you an identification document, which confirms your relationship. In the tandem jump two persons are jumping at the same time with one bungee. During those three extreme days, extreme sports enthusiasts jump off the bridge for a massive rush and, at times, to attempt world records. That’s right, come jump in the snow!! Yes, you can! The background is blue. The total weight of both persons must not exceed 200 kg. On site it is possible to hire a video camera with an arm fastening and/or a helmet with the camera fastening, in order to record the jump in video. During the summer school holidays in July and August, it's open from Wednesday through to Sunday, afternoons. At a towering height of 370.25 m, the Balin or Balinghe Bridge is … All the systems are created with a durability coefficient at least 7 times. The bungee can be booked for any time during the day between 11am and 6pm. That scene from the James Bond film GoldenEye made the Verzasca Dam and the bungee jump from it one of the world's most famous jumps. Fuaaaa like we say in Argentina "se va a la bosta" it's so far the best ******* experience in my life... Hammer Location, kompetentes Team und ein super Gefühl, was man sicher einmal erlebt haben sollte. Click the button below to update it and start using our website. A tandem jump is simply a jump where two people go together, usually tethered together, facing each other. If you are planning to purchase a video, please, take with you USB memory card or you will be able to buy it on site. The jumping site on the Verzasca dam is open seasonal, from the Easter weekend through to the end of October every Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Your message has been successfully sent. I would so do this if I lived in Toronto! This bungee setup even makes it possible to jump tandem with a friend, with two bungee lines placed next to each other. The price of a tandem jumping includes instructions, safety equipment, ride with a Cable car and a simultaneous jump from it for both persons. Un saut vraiment sensationnel, vraiment magique. SWING . The bungee jumping is safe, as it is operated by qualified specialists. Take into account that if you have made a booking for a “live queue” and we are unable to reach you by phone or you have provided a wrong phone number, the working day is closed with the arrival of last customers. Your feet will be attached to a large elastic band and strapped to a security harness. Add to Likebox #105280715 - Bungee jumping from book. We … Read more. Maximum weight for a jumper – 200 kg. In Ticino, Switzerland you'll be able to jump from a height of 220 m right into the void in Verzasca Dam. While visiting Sevilla, enjoy the experience of bungee jumping over a local lake.

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