Greg MeghanGeo KamanGuillermo Amidos (1–3)Harry Huggut (4)Warren Nayley (5–6)Duke Dorá (7–8)Ben Myne (9–) Help Topics. Latios has an upside-down, white teardrop shape in the center of his blue face. Directed by Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? She will first meet the player in Eterna City, where she will give them HM01 (Cut) when first met. Games Movies TV Video. They help keep the world from danger in any way possible. Diplomé d'un Bac ES et d'une licence en Urbanisme, Fildrong se destinait à une carrière random loin du feu des projecteurs. -evades-, Mike: (tries punching down them, but it's not as easy as he had hoped). Platina: (begins using some psychic powers on some airborne enemies). Messenger of the Goddess Platin Stats HP 2616 7711 Dark Knights M.ATK 1047 3677 Magic Hero DEF 496 1740 After barely surviving, Platin recieved an order from the goddess while praying to her to save the destroyed world. Surge: -laughs- Doesn't matter much if you look good as much as how good you take care of her. Team Platinum is an American military science machinima web series. Executive producer(s) Hunter1034/Hunter's list of the most awesome CSFW users! Surge: Okay... -cocks head to one side- Mind filling me in? Seriously? Regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, Platini won … Dumb tin cans could take us straight to his front door. Thermal Foundation is one of the mods in the Thermal series presented by the CoFH Team.. Need a sandbox? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dream Fiction Wiki. Decals used with the protoss have a circle around them, and are player color. We share the same father--Silver the Hedgehog. Platanus est un genre d'arbres, les platanes, de la famille des Platanaceae qui comprend une dizaine d'espèces. Decals are rewards, similar to achievements, used to signify the number of StarCraft II games a player has won. Plating has been done for hundreds of years; it is also critical for modern technology. : (laughs) You should know him better... Platina: I'm Platina, a friend of Mike and his siblings. Decals used by the zerg are displayed on the creep surrounding a hatchery. Tier reserved for Meta defining units. FANDOM. Chill Fiction Archive is a FANDOM Games Community. 2 Maschine-Monster Diese Karte kann nicht in dem Spielzug als Linkmaterial verwendet werden, in dem sie als Linkbeschwörung beschworen wurde. Platina: (floating with a psychic aura around her) TEAM BLAST, READYYYYY..... Platina: NOW!!! Upon her order, he create the Dark Knights with those remaining in the world. Playing this game mode is the only way to achieve Glory. Winning a match in Ranked mode will award Elo to both the Player Ranking and the Legend that was played. Mike: Let's bust some heads! Surge: Let's just say I could make the hard decisions. Mike: Hey, it's not like you got any better ideas! Tommy Allum March 28, 2018 Patch #1 (Blue Moon Pack) The Tsar Platinum was added to the game. Pokémon Platinum is a role-playing video game with adventure elements. In Platinum only, she will give the player a Togepi Egg after the player has defeated Jupiter in the Team Galactic Eterna Building. Adepte des punchlines sanglantes, le "angry bear" n'hésite pas à parler des mères et à recadrer ses abonnés qui dépassent les bornes. Lend a hand? Contents. First time? Mike: You?! 28. marts 2018-opdateringen #1 (Blå Måne-pakken) . Surge: Puh-leeze! Latios looks similar to Latias, though he is blue and a bit larger; he is also similar to Lugia. Surge: Um! À peine plus d'un an après sa retraite en tant que joueur, il est nommé sélectionneur de l'équipe de France de football le 1er novembr… Try some more! "Team" is a song by New Zealand singer Lorde, taken from her debut studio album, Pure Heroine (2013). -tries smashing through them- Dang! Team Platinum is an American military science machinima web series. Mike and I would love to jump headlong into battle, and would probably win, but it seems that you are aware of other factors that we just don't think about. Ants put up a better fight! Some creepy aliens gave me more trouble than this! Vous incarnerez Louka ou Aurore et vous explorerez une nouvelle fois la région de Sinnoh dans un tout nouveau scénario. They appear on and around buildings and on at least some units. What makes you think you got what it takes?! Original network These are the Units that are the glue to most teams. Team Platinum is an American military science machinima web series. They rule the Meta & other units rankings are based on how well they do against this tier of hero. They brought out the heavy ones! These Heroes ar… Vos objectifs: vaincre la Team Galaxy et ses nouveaux plans diaboliques, et devenir le maître de la Ligue Pokémon. The Offensive Leader is given +25% attack and will be the 1st hero on your team to auto attack. In the middle of his chest, Latios has a red triangle, much like Latias', whose is blue, showing in some way they are related.

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